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About Me

My Journey


I have been working as a physical therapist and strength and conditioning specialist for 19 years in the outpatient orthopedic setting. I was a competitive runner for 25 years and triathlete for 10 years. I played baseball for 10 years prior to beginning running. My summer baseball coach convinced me to come out for cross country, and I was hooked. Running gave me purpose and satisfied my competitive nature. It helped me solve my problems and challenged me.

 I never considered myself a writer. English was one of my favorite subjects in high school, and I was good at it. I received A's and B's on all my papers in college in my literature and non-science courses. After I published a few cases studies, a review article, and original research, I realized that I had a knack for writing. I am a physical therapist. I enjoy my work and helping people. My passion is running, but I had to stop running a few years ago due to knee injuries. The COVID-19 pandemic lead to me writing my first historic non-fiction book. It took me 6 months to finish the first draft. When I was done with my first draft, I already had an idea for  second non-fiction book and a fiction series. One thing that I have learned from writing  is that taking the road less traveled in life makes all the difference. I'm headed down that road now in writing, education, and research. Please join my mailing list and come along for the ride. I will keep you updated on my research topics, educaional trends in running and cycling, and future publications and events.


Research Articles

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